American Idol Top 6: First Thoughts

I called this from the audition rounds, and now I’m saying it publicly: Candice Glover will win American Idol.

After giving the best performance on American Idol in years, Glover is now head of the pack to take the crown.

Each contestant sang two songs apiece last night. The first-round theme was songs by Burt Bacharach & Hal David, and the second-round theme was songs they wish they’d written.

First up was fan-favorite pop powerhouse Angie Miller, who did an above-average performance of ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’ by Dionne Warwick. The performance was met with good reviews.

Amber Holcomb went on second, and blew Dionne Warwick’s (notice a pattern?) ‘I Say a Little Prayer’ out of the water. It is, perhaps, her best performance to-date.

Next was Lazaro Arbos, who, after many weeks of devastatingly terrible performances, managed to achieve an even worse performance than any of his previous attempts. He gave an off-key, pitchy performance of The Carpenter’s ‘Close to You.’ I’d pack my bags, if I were him. Moving on.

Kree Harrison turned in her stunning performance of Jackie DeShannon’s ‘What the World Needs Now is Love.” Harrison is a pure-country powerhouse that will maintain a career of longevity, much like Carrie Underwood, even if she doesn’t win; that much I’m sure of.

Next up is the other country girl, Janelle Arthur. Arthur sang Warwick’s ‘I’ll Never Fall in Love Again.’ The performance was above average, but, after landing in the bottom two last week, I’m not sure if it’s enough to save her from the same spot.

To end the first round, Candice Glover was handed the fan-dubbed ‘pimp spot’ (last performance). This proved to be a big hassle for the other contestant’s hopes. Glover performed Warwick’s ‘Don’t Make Me Over,’ which earned rave reviews from the judges. This performance was epic, but didn’t even compare to her final performance.

Miller kicked off the second round with a beautiful performance of Kari Jobe’s ‘Love Came Down.’ It was sweet, beautiful, and 100% Angie Miller- something we’ve been missing the past few weeks. A+ performance.

Next up was Holcomb, who gave Beyonce a run for her money on ‘Love On Top.’ Better than the original? No, but extremely close. Amber shouldn’t have to worry about going home this week.

Next up was Arbos. He sang Robbie William’s ‘Angels.’ Arbos, once again, failed to deliver. Amid a mid-performance arrangement key-change, he fell so far behind, it’s saddening. If he would have changed his vocal key, this may be a different story. Moving on.

Harrison returned for the second time to slay Kris Kristofferson’s ‘Help Me Make It Through the Night.’ Keith Urban made a prediction that I believe will come true, very soon: he said Harrison will be admitted into the Grand Ole Opry. It’s very likely.

Arthur came back with Garth Brook’s ‘The Dance,’ a wise choice for the country singer. It was beautiful and showed off her breathy upper register quite well. It was her redemption song.

For the final performance of the night, Glover reminded us why we watch the show in the first place. He take on The Cure’s ‘Lovesong’ was the best performance I’ve seen on that stage since season 6, at least. There is no doubt in my mind that Glover will take over the world. Mariah Carey cried and threw confetti over Glover’s head after her performance. Keith Urban bowed down and praised her. It was that good.


Performance of the night:

Candice Glover, ‘Lovesong’

Runner-up performance:

Kree Harrison, ‘Help Me Make it Through the Night’

Bottom Two:

Arbos and Arthur


Arbos, or nobody (the judges will use their only save on any of the girls).

Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments.


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