Bombs Explodes During the Boston Marathon

Approximately three hours after the winners of the Boston marathon crossed the finish line, at least two bombs blew up at the race’s finish line.

The bombs injured numerous people, and FOX news reports that at least three people have been killed by the explosion. All businesses in the surrounding area have been evacuated.

It is also reported that Boston EMS found a third bomb and the police detonated it in a safe environment. The police are still finding secondary devices.

The police also believe that there may be another bomb at the JFK Library. The police have not ruled out or confirmed a terrorism plot.

The New York Police Department has stepped up security around its landmarks in Manhattan.

There will be more on the story as it develops. Here are some images from the explosions.


UPDATE (3:19 p.m., Central): EMS reports finding another device in front of the Mandarin Hotel. The hotel was previously evacuated.

UPDATE (3:22 p.m., Cenetral): USA Today reports at least 2 dead, and 22 injured. 

UPDATE (3:27 p.m., CST): Two more explosive devices found, are being dismantled.

UPDATE (4:11 p.m., CST): According to New York Post, 12 are dead and nearly 50 are injured.

UPDATE (5:49 p.m., CST): One of the two deaths was an eight-year-old child.


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