A True Artist: P!nk

P!nk, born Alicia Beth Moore, has been a powerful force in the music industry for 13 years now, rising from a world of choreographed, cookie-cutter, bubblegum pop acts.

Her life has been a long journey, with many ups and downs, but she’s powered through it all and rose up as a powerful, inspiring person. Let’s take a look at how her journey began and where it has taken her to.

P!nk was born on September 9th, 1979 in Abington, Pennsylvania to Judith and Jim Moore. She was raised in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, along with younger brother Jason Moore.

After a devastating divorce when she was a child, P!nk began to get involved with the “wrong crowd.” She began drinking alcohol and using drugs. She also turned to something else- something that would save her life: music. At the age of 14 she began to perform at various night clubs around the Philadelphia area, where she came up with her stage name.

At age 16, she joined the all-girl R&B group, Choice, which recorded a song and sent it to LaFace Records in Atlanta, Georgia, where L.A. Reid heard the song. He flew the girls out and signed them (with parental consent, as they were under-age). The group successfully recorded an album, but it was never released. Reid gave P!nk the option to go solo or go home. The group disbanded in 1998.


After Choice disbanded, P!nk began working on material for her solo career. The R&B album ‘Can’t Take Me Home’ was the end result.

Its three singles (‘There You Go’, ‘Most Girls’, and ‘You Make Me Sick’) all peaked in the top 40 on Billboard’s Hot 100, with the first two singles peaking in the top 10. The album debuted at number 26 on the Billboard 200. P!nk admitted to being stifled musically on this album. She had only seven writing credits on the album, her lowest amount on any of her albums.

In 2001, P!nk appeared on the Moulin Rouge’s soundtrack on ‘Lady Marmalade,’ along with Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, and Mya. This helped push her even further into fame by becoming her first #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. She won her first of three Grammy for this track.

imagesAfter her breakthrough success, P!nk wanted to develop herself artistically for her next album, going against her label’s wishes. She decided to take a more hands on approach to her music, and with help of former 4 Non Blondes lead singer Linda Perry’s help, she crafted herself the beginnings of a pop-rock legacy. Breaking away from the cookie-cutter image of the current times’ bubblegum pop artists, P!nk established herself as a rebel and pop’s resident bad-ass with her follow up album, ‘M!ssundaztood.’

‘M!ssundaztood’ was a pop music revelation, turning pop music on its side. Lead single ‘Get the Party Started’ charted at number four on Billboard’s Hot 100 and became a massive party anthem. This single marked the P!nk’s first stray from the R&B sound she was, until then, known for. Other singles, ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me,’ ‘Just Like A Pill,’ and ‘Family Portrait,’ were all extremely successful both domestically and internationally, with the former two reaching the top 10 in various countries. ‘M!ssundaztood’ charted at number eight on the Billboard 200. During this period P!nk and Perry wrote a song for country singer Faith Hill’s album, ‘Cry’

This album deals with a number of personal and social issues, including the devastating effects of divorce, as told in ‘Family Portrait.’ P!nk also sings about self-acceptance in ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me.’ ‘Just Like A Pill’ tackles the issue of personal freedom. Title track ‘M!ssundaztood’ deals with social acceptance among peers and family. P!nk received writing credit on 12 out of 14 songs on this album, with the other two being solely written by Perry. The album was nominated for two Grammys, but did not win either category.

122685P!nk released the album ‘Try This’ at the end of 2003. ‘Try This,’ a pure rock album, was underwhelming, becoming her lowest-selling album in her career. The album debut-peaked at number nine on the Billboard 200, with weaker sales than M!ssundaztood. The album, however, received universal appraise from critics. The album’s lead single, ‘Trouble,’ also won P!nk her first solo Grammy for the Best Female Rock Vocal Performance category. This album produced no top 40 singles on Billboard’s Hot 100, but the album fared well internationally. The single ‘God Is a DJ’ was featured in the smash film ‘Mean Girls’ in 2004.

Following ‘Try This’ P!nk decided to go on hiatus. During this time, she switched from Arista Records (whom she felt was suppressing her artistic capabilities and putting too much stress on her) to LaFace Records. During this hiatus she began writing songs for her fourth album, ‘I’m Not Dead.’ This album was a milestone moment for P1nk’s career; as the name suggests, it reintroduced her into the mainstream a proved that her career was, in fact, still alive.

cd-coverThe album, released six years to-the-day as her first album, produced multiple world-wide smash hits, establishing P!nk as the leading lady of pop. The controversial lead single, ‘Stupid Girls,’ became a top 20 Billboard hit. It’s music video won her an MTV Video Music Award. The album’s second single, ‘Who Knew,’ went largely ignored on American radio until the album’s third single, ‘U + Ur Hand,’ became a radio anthem. Both singles then peaked on the Billboard Hot 100’s top ten. These two singles were also P!nk’s first Platinum certified singles in her career (earlier singles would later achieve this feat.) More singles were released internationally and became mega-hits in their respective countries.

Considered one of the best albums, in terms of lyrical content, of the century, ‘I’m Not Dead’ explores many more cultural and social issues the world faces. For instance, ‘Long Way To Happy’ deals with sexual abuse. “Dear Mr. President’ was one of the first songs to openly criticize President. George W. Bush and his administration. ‘Who Knew’ was written about her long-time friend who died of an overdose. ‘Stupid Girls’ highlights America’s lack of good role models for young girls with lines ‘What happened to the dream of a girl President?/ She’s dancing in a video next to 50 Cent.’ Personal song ‘Nobody Knows’ details what it’s like to bottle up your emotions and isolating yourself from the world. ‘Runaway’ deals with being raised without love or notice and wanting to escape from that. ‘I Have Seen The Rain,’ written by and featuring her father, James Moore, is a tale about a soldier’s life in Vietnam, but applies to anyone who’s been in the military or has seen the rough parts of life.

To celebrate the success of her album, P!nk embarked on the world-wide I’m Not Dead tour. The tour broke records in both Europe and Australia. During this time, she also contributed to many other artists including Hillary Duff, Annie Lennox, Indie.Arie, and many more. P!nk became in-demand, by artists, fans, and a certain someone. In 2006, P!nk married boyfriend Carey Hart.

220px-PinkfunhouseDuring her world-wide tour, relations with her husband began to become strained and impersonal. The two began to have serious relationship problems. The end result of these complications was P!nk’s most successful album to date, ‘Funhouse.’ ‘Funhouse’ debuted at number two on the Billboard 200, and spawned seven world-wide hit singles; most notably, her lead single and first solo number one on the Hot 100, ‘So What.’ Second single ‘Sober’ was a world-wide top 20 entry, and next singles ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ and ‘Funhouse’ were both top 40 U.S. hits. Australian singles ‘Bad Influence’ and ‘I Don’t Believe You’ were both top 30 hits, with the former peaking at number six. The final single, ‘Glitter in the Air,’ was a world-wide top 40 hit, including in the U.S., where she performed the song at the Grammy’s. It is also notable that P!nk took role as executive producer on this album.

The main theme of ‘Funhouse’ is heartbreak (originally titled Heartbreak is a Motherfucker). The album dealt with P!nk’s emotions about her separation with husband Carey Hart. Though after the success of ‘Funhouse’ and single ‘So What,’ the couple decided to give their relationship one more try. P!nk then embarked on another world tour- the Funhouse tour (complete with aerial acrobatics.)

Pnk-Greatest-Hits...-So-Far-Deluxe-Edition-Official-Album-CoverIn 2010, P!nk released her first compilation album, ‘Greatest Hits… So Far!!!’ The album features all of P!nk’s biggest hits from each of her studio albums, as well as two new singles (four on the international deluxe editions). The first new single, ‘Raise Your Glass,’ is a powerful dance-pop track that speaks of self-acceptance anthem that became P!nk’s second solo number one single on the Billboard Hot 100. Follow-up single, ‘Fuckin’ Perfect,’ was written for her unborn daughter, Willow Sage Hart. The song peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100. ‘Fuckin’ Perfect’ deals with self-acceptance and the love P!nk has for her daughter, hoping that she realizes she will be perfect just the way she is. The other two songs are ‘Heartbreak Down’ and the original recording of ‘Whataya Want From Me?,’ which she wrote and gave to Adam Lambert after it didn’t make the cut for ‘Funhouse.’

TheTruthAboutLovePinkAlbumTwo years late, in September of 2012, P!nk earned her very first number one album on the Billboard 200 with ‘The Truth About Love.’ The album was lead by the single ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss),’ which became a top five hit on the Hot 100. Follow up single ‘Try’ reached number nine and third single, ‘Just Give Me a Reason,’ featuring Nate Ruess of the band fun., has reached a peak (as of April 16th, 2013) of number three on the Hot 100. ‘Love’ is P!nk’s best-selling and most successful album to-date. Like previous albums, ‘Love’ tackles heartbreak and true love (see: ‘The Truth About Love,’ ‘How Come You’re Not Here’ and ‘True Love’) as major themes. The album also shows that P!nk hasn’t lost her edgy attitude since the birth of her daughter, with tracks like ‘Slut Like You,’ ‘Blow Me,’ and ‘Walk of Shame.’ But, as always, P!nk still encompasses beauty and passion in her lyrics with songs like ‘The Great Escape’ ( which is about suicide), ‘Try’ (never giving up on love), and ‘Run,’ which was specifically written for Willow, her daughter, to know that she will always be loved.

P!nk has proved herself to be a force of nature in the music industry, with a career of nearly 15 years and counting. Her longevity has been met with praise, but she is still one of the world’s most under-recognized artists.

My personal feelings towards P!nk: P!nk is the best musician of this generation and is my favorite artist of all-time.  She has proved numerous times over to be a great performer, songwriter, producer, artist, and person. Her songs have saved numerous lives around the world, including mine. I still remember the first time I heard her; I was eight-years-old and in third grade and ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’ came on the radio. That was the first song that ever made me cry. The lyrics were devastatingly beautiful and the arrangement was so uplifting. From there on out, she kept getting better and gaining more momentum. ‘Who Knew’ is my favorite song of all-time, and it is, for me, personally, about my late grandmother and all those that I have lost throughout my life. She is who I turn to when I am sad, and I know she will always be there for me when I need her most. She is my personal idol.

Here are some career defining performances of P!nk’s:

‘Glitter In The Air,’ 52nd Annual Grammy Award Ceremonies

Let’s just face it; P!nk should have been given a Grammy on-the-spot for this performance. Stunning and beautiful are words that do not do this performance justice.

‘Try,’ at the 2012 American Music Awards

This performance made me question whether or not P!nk was even human. It’s so difficult to do this choreography and sing with perfect pitch and staying on-key with this level of breath control. She should have been given an award on-the-spot.

‘So What’ Music Video

This music video boldly went where few dare to go: an artist’s personal life. Tackling on the issue of divorce and separation, P!nk reached a new career-high when she chose to include estranged husband Carey Hart in the ‘So What’ music video. The song is about the couple’s separation. It’s no surprise that this became P!nk’s first solo number one on the Hot 100.


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